Eighth Grader who Lost Leg after Stepping on Mine in Need of Help for Medical Treatment

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An young eighth grader man from Htet Myat Hle village, Ponnagyun township, Rakhine State, who lost one leg after stepping on a landmine is in need of help for medical treatment. 

The eighth grader, a Mro ethnic, lost his right foot – it was broken off from the knee – while he was searching for food in the mountain about one and a half hour away from the village in July of 2021 and his left foot was also severely wounded. “As the wounds aren’t healed yet, we need money for medical treatment at the hospital’, said, Daw Mi Chaw, the mother.

The Mro young man is the eldest of five children and was supposed to attend the eighth grade but couldn’t continue since his wounds aren’t healed yet.

“Once the wounds heal up, I want to go back to school”, said U Ba Maung, the mine-injured young Mro man.

The mother said he wanted the young man to pass the matriculation and get a comfortable job.

“We really need to cure the wound. As we don’t have money, we’re just applying Septadine from a drug store”, said a cousin sister, Ma Moe, about their current situation.

Even though fights are ceased in Rakhine, the war remnant bombs exploded yesterday, January 17 and a 7-year-old and 8-year-old were injured on the leg and belly respectively.

Chairman of Rakhine State Disabilities Organization, Ko Hla Myint, said to MPA, “At the moment, training is being given in seven townships. Once they’re finished, we plan to provide support equipment in Kyauktaw, Rathedaung and Minbya”.

In Rakhine, due to clashes between Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar Military from 2018 till today, nearly 200 local residents have been killed and wounded.