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KNDO Leader General Saw Nerdah Mya and Major Saw Barwah Suspended from Duty; General Saw Shee Lay Becomes KNDO Commander-in-chief 

The Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) commander-in-chief, general Saw Nerdah Mya and his colleague, major Saw Barwah have been suspended from duty, the Karen National Union (KNU) department of defense issued with a letter on January 17. In the order of statement written in Karen language, at the 35th Central Committee of the Karen National […]

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Arakan Army (AA) and SAC Military under Military Tension in Rakhine 

In Rakhine, the Arakan Army (AA) and the SAC military are under military tensions in Kyauktaw township since January 17, locals say. “Till now, the SAC is still in Winsu village. Plus, they’re still taking a base at a Muslim clinic near that place. At Pi Chaung, the navy is deployed and they blocked all […]

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Basic Military Training Graduation Ceremony of Myaung CDSOM Force Convened 

The No. (12) basic military training graduation ceremony of Myaung Township People’s Defense Forces and Security Forces (CDSOM) was convened in recent days. The military training was attended by more than 300 trainees and it was the twelfth time. For the training organized by the CDSOM, there were also cases where the parents of the […]

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Terrorist Military-Based Demoso City Police Station Attacked and 3 Soldiers Killed 

The terrorist military at Karenni State’s Demoso city police station got attacked by Demoso-PDF and KGZ forces together on December 25; and three soldiers were killed. The clash began at 3:45 on the afternoon of December 25 and the deaths occurred after it lasted two hours, the people’s defense forces said. During the fight, the […]