KNDO Leader General Saw Nerdah Mya and Major Saw Barwah Suspended from Duty; General Saw Shee Lay Becomes KNDO Commander-in-chief 

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The Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) commander-in-chief, general Saw Nerdah Mya and his colleague, major Saw Barwah have been suspended from duty, the Karen National Union (KNU) department of defense issued with a letter on January 17.

In the order of statement written in Karen language, at the 35th Central Committee of the Karen National Union (KNU), it was decided that general Saw Nerdah Mya and his colleague major Saw Barwah were ceased from duty.

“When the investigation team was carrying out the task, (they) were momentarily suspended, and after the investigation team finished the task, (they) have been ceased from duty”, confirmed one close to KNU central.

As KNDO’s temporary commander-in-chief, the KNDO vice commander-in-chief General Saw Shee Lae has been appointed, the statement said.

According to the instruction letter no. Lakhatha/Na -13/01 issued on 10/01/2021 of the KNU General Secretary Office, KNDO leader and comrade who committed the murder of 25 people on May 31 were ceased from duty, stated in the letter issued with the signature of KNU defense leader, major Saw Raw Jakhin.

Last year July, KNU declared the cessation of general Saw Nerdah Mya and major Saw Barwah from duty and general Saw Nerdah criticized the decision of the KNU and also said on July 11 that he did not accept it.

On May 31 of 2021, last year, 47 construction workers from Oh Ho stream bridge construction site on Kane Lay – Maw Khee highway in Wawle township of Myawaddy district were arrested, 22 were released; and as the coup SAC reported it with photo evidences of 25 workers massacred, the commander-in-chief explained that the killed were not civilians but members of the SAC military pretending to be working at construction and the positions and equipment of the SAC troops at the time of arrest were also exposed and it was also said there were investigations into the area.