Military Opens Schools and Declares to Hold Matriculation Exam within Five Months 

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Military announced on December 29 that it would hold basic education high school level matriculation exam at the end of coming March, after reopening schools in the second week of November. 

After committing the coup, the terrorist military reopened high schools but had to close down again in July due to Covid resurgence. 

Within over a month of reopening, students who are against the military regime didn’t go to school as a way of opposing and combined with teachers joining CDM, there was almost no process teaching and learning at all. 

“In our school, there weren’t even 10 people. Plus, no one was happy with learning. We learned about one or two pieces a day. Both teachers and students had to come in casual suits”, said a female matriculation student who doesn’t join CDM.

News of holding matriculation exams came after shutting down schools again in July and reopening them in November, after four months. 

Regarding the military issuing exam schedules, “As a 10-month course is changed into a 3-month course; in addition to lacking the full essence of the lessons, there is no way the students will have the real qualities of a matriculation student”, said a CDM high school teacher. 

After the coup in Myanmar, education staffers joined CDM opposing the military dictator and the majority of students also don’t go to schools. 

The terrorist military planning to hold exams isn’t for the educational benefit of the student but they are doing this in an effort to help keep the deteriorating government mechanisms running for their own political benefit, said an official from Dawei Township Basic Students Union. 

Image – Scene of Pass Lists Issuance in Basic Education Schools in the Year 2020