Bodies of Civilians from Nat Chuang Village who were Attacked by Terrorist Military Airstrikes Retrieved 

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Some bodies of civilians at Nat Chaung village of Sagaing region’s Kalay town which was attacked with artillery strikes by the terrorist military were retrieved on December 25. 

Since December 23 afternoon, the terrorist military began firing near Nat Chaung village using helicopters; due to the attacks, there were civilian casualties and only some of the bodies have been retrieved, Nat Chaung people’s defense force has reported. 

The terrorist military launched large weapons again on December 26 evening and homes were set on fire as well. 

Burnings like this happened after the terrorist military took a base in the village after the December 23rd artillery strike. 

“We haven’t entered inside Nat Chaung yet. Just this evening, a house was burnt down and intermittent gunshots are still being heard”, said a local defense force member.

Currently, fights are occurring more frequent in the States of Kayah, Karen, Kachin, Chin and regions of Sagaing and Magway between the terrorist military and local defense forces and the terrorist military has been observed using even airstrikes. 

Image – bodies of civilians from Nat Chaung village who were attacked with airstrikes 

Photo – Nat Chaung People’s Defense Force