Shwe Nya Wa Sayadawgyi Sentenced to Two Years in Prison 

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Shwe Nya Wa Sayadawgyi Ashin Pyinya Thiha has been sentenced to two years in prison on December 28 on the Penal Code of state defamation section 505(b). 

Even though Sayadawgyi was charged on Section 505(a), it was changed to 505(b) according to rebuttals and he was sentence to 2 years, according to lawyers’ community. 

“Sayadaw has been sentenced to two years with no labor. His health condition is not good”, said one lawyer.

Saydawgyi was sent to Yangon Public Hospital on July 22 after oxygen failure and he was treated for over ten days there. 

Shwe Nya Wa Sayadawgyi was arrested from his temple on February 1 and was later sued and sentenced on state defamation. 

In section 505(b), it’s described that if anyone – when distributing description, rumors, news, declaration – incites someone to plot against the state government and peace and order of state so that he/she will pose fear, threat or something, or do something to that effect, he/she must face either imprisonment up to 2 years or fine or both.