Ko Wai Yan Phyoe Moe, Deputy Chairman of ABFSU, Sentenced to Two Years in Prison on State Defamation

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Ko Wai Yan Phyoe, deputy chairman of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions, who was beaten and arrested on March 3 in Yangon region’s Tamwe township by the terrorist military has been sentenced on December 29 by Kyauktada township court on two of the charges he was sued on.

Of PAPPL section and state defamation charges, he was given a month of prison sentence on PAPPL section (19) and two years in prison on state defamation section 505(b), according to the family members.

“One month on PAPPL section (b) and two years on 505(b). We can’t meet in person so far’, confirmed a family member.

Ko Wai Yan Phyoe Moe who’s been in prison for almost ten months hasn’t been allowed to meet with his family members yet.

Currently, Ko Wai Yan Phyoe Moe is in prison.

He was also tortured by prison officers for holding silent strike last December 13 and his cell was closed.

In addition to Kyauktada township, Ko Wai Yan Phyoe Moe is also sued at Mayangone and Kamayut township courts on unjust sections, the ABFSU reports.

Image – Picture Shot during a Protest in 2019